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What does a civil-rights attorney do?

Do I need a civil-rights lawyer?

What happens when you file a civil-rights complaint or lawsuit?

How do I bring a civil-rights claim under Section 1983

What is the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Act?

Do you handle unemployment-related claims?

How does the First Amendment protect my rights as a public employee?

Do I have any other protections against being discharged as a public employee?

What has the U.S. Supreme Court said about the First Amendment rights of public employees?

What must I prove to win a First Amendment–retaliation case?

Is my speech protected even if it is just part of doing my job?

What time limits apply to First Amendment-retaliation cases?

Do I have to look for a job once I've lost mine to First Amendment-retaliation?

What are the limitations on my freedom of speech as a public employee?

When must I file a First Amendment–retaliation claim?

What can I recover for a First Amendment-retaliation case?

What are the most common civil-rights violations?

So, what are my civil rights?

What are the most commonly violated civil rights in Cleveland, Ohio?

What should I do if I believe my civil rights have been violated in Cleveland, Ohio?

Can my employer require me to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Does it violate my First Amendment rights for a business to make me wear a face mask during the pandemic?

Do Twitter and Facebook's bans of Donald Trump over his misconduct on those platforms violate the First Amendment?

May I sue Facebook, Twitter, or other social-media companies for violating my First Amendment or free-speech rights?

If someone commits a crime against me, may I sue them for damages?

For what kinds of crimes could I sue someone for in civil court?

Can I take the person who committed a crime against me to court even if they’ve never been convicted of, or even charged with, any crime?

What does the Pregnancy Discrimination Act actually cover?

May I be forced to take leave due to a pregnancy?

May I be laid off while pregnant?

What is your experience in handling healthcare-fraud cases?

What is the False Claims Act and how does it apply to healthcare fraud?

What are some components that constitute a viable healthcare-fraud case?

What is a whistleblower claim? How do I know if I have a case?

How do I know if I should be a whistleblower?

What does Ohio's whistleblower statute protect?

If a president of the United States is impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, can that now-former president run for and become president again?

Do you review severance agreements? I was fired.

Do you handle police-misconduct cases outside of Ohio?

Can Ohio government entities (like cities and school districts) and officials (like police officers) be successfully sued for negligence?

What types of police-misconduct cases does your firm typically handle?

What is the employer’s responsibility once a sexual-harassment complaint is filed?

Why do you handle police-misconduct cases in Ohio?

What is a false arrest In Ohio?

What is a violation of my First Amendment rights?

How will a police-misconduct civil case I file impact my criminal case? And the other way around?

How is sexual harassment in the workplace defined In Ohio?

Do you accept credit cards?

Do you handle immigration-related matters?

Do you handle criminal defense in non white-collar-criminal cases such as DUI/OVI/DWI, assault, rape, murder, burglary, illegal drugs, etc.?

If I have pleaded guilty or been convicted of a crime arising from interaction with police, may I sue the police officers involved for unconstitutional use of excessive force?

Do you file civil lawsuits over unlawful police stops or illegal searches of a car or home?

Do you handle car-accident cases?

Do you handle landlord/tenant disputes?

What are your fees?

Do you file civil lawsuits against judges or prosecutors for misconduct?

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