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Fighting back against sexual harassment

Our boutique litigation firm in Cleveland serves clients throughout Ohio and the United States. Known for our relentless dedication to protecting our clients' rights and interests, our employment-law attorneys can provide you with peace of mind when co-workers or your employer tries to take advantage of you.

You Do Not Have To Tolerate Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment comes in many forms. Some common behaviors that are widely considered to be sexual harassment can include the following:

  • Sending sexually explicit messages or images, such as through email
  • Talking about sexual acts in the office
  • Making unwanted sexual advances toward a co-worker or employee
  • Promising special benefits, such as a raise, in exchange for sexual favors

You should save any potential evidence in your possession that could strengthen your claim. This may include email correspondence, text messages, or audio and video recordings. Our lawyers can get to work locating and interviewing witnesses and preparing court filings. In addition, we have a strong knowledge of the local media scene and how to get your message across when necessary.

Remember, once you report sexual harassment, your employer cannot retaliate by reducing your pay, reducing your hours, or firing you. If the employer did, then the case becomes even stronger. By reaching out to our lawyers, we will take special care to ensure your rights are secure while building the strongest claim possible for the compensation you deserve.

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Remember, there is zero justification for sexual harassment, and you have rights to put a stop to it. Let our lawyers take on the fight for you. Use our contact form to contact us today, or call our office in Cleveland at 216-578-1700.

Making the right choice in legal representation can make the difference in whether you achieve a result that protects your legal rights and best interests.

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