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When insurance companies unfairly deny claims in bad faith, and the stakes are high, we fight for policyholders to receive the coverage for which they paid.

Few things in life are more frustrating than dealing with an obstinate insurance company. You've experienced a loss, and you're up to date on your premiums. So why isn't your insurance company paying?

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC, we help individuals and businesses navigate the maze of insurance-coverage issues. We have analyzed all types of insurance policies, including those providing business, homeowners, property-and-casualty, automobile, and general-liability coverages. And we have located coverage in the most unexpected places. When necessary and in our client's interest, moreover, we have taken insurance companies to court and forced them to pay.

Chandra Law Firm partner Don Screen heads the firm's insurance-coverage practice. Screen knows the ins and outs of insurance-coverage analysis and litigation like few other lawyers in Ohio. Earlier in his career, Don represented Ford Motor Company, McDonald's Restaurants, Proctor & Gamble, ConAgra, and numerous other companies in insurance litigation in federal and state courts. He also represented several major insurance companies in the defense of coverage claims, including bad-faith claims, and became thoroughly familiar with all the "tricks of the trade."

More recently, Screen has successfully applied his experience to the representation of businesses and individuals trying to force their insurance companies to step up and honor their obligations.

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So if you have been injured in a car accident, or your property has been damaged by a storm or a fire—or you run a business that has been sued—don't "go it alone." Insurance-coverage issues can be quite technical, and insurance companies are skilled at exploiting the "uneven playing field."

If the amount in controversy with your insurer is $250,000 or greater, and you have evidence that the insurer is acting in bad faith, contact The Chandra Law Firm LLC and put our experience to work for you.

You can reach our firm, which serves clients throughout Ohio and the nation, by calling 216-578-1700 or (preferably) by filling out our online contact form.

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