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Do I have any other protections against being discharged as a public employee?

Many public employees have other protections against being discharged. For example, if you belong to a union, it is likely that you are protected from a discharge that doesn’t have “just cause”. There are also a variety of civil service laws that require sufficient evidence that justifies a long suspension or discharge of a public employee.

Additionally, there are protections for whistleblowers that report government corruption, illegality, and waste. The protection of whistleblowers is meant to discourage the retaliation of the perpetrator(s) and prevent the criminality itself.

If you feel that you have been unjustly discharged from a governmental position, there are likely many factors that must be taken into consideration. Going over your case with an expert attorney will enable you to build a case that accurately reflects the nature of your situation.

Making the right choice in legal representation can make the difference in whether you achieve a result that protects your legal rights and best interests.

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