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Does it violate my First Amendment rights for a business to make me wear a face mask during the pandemic?

No. It does not.

Countless people barraged us with complaints durimg the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic that some private business supposedly violated their "free-speech" rights by requiring face masks. They're so offended they want to sue!

No, that's not an actual constitutional violation. The First Amendment applies to governments, not private businesses. This is basic constitutional law.

Even if a potential client offered us a million dollars, our answer would be the same.


And it isn't a "First Amendment violation" for governments to require that you wear a mask either during the pandemic. People compliantly wore masks during the last pandemic, in 1918. Because they weren't idiots. They wanted to live.

How far we have fallen as a society.

We don't understand where people are getting this idea, and getting all worked up about it. You should see the rants that people send to us—whining about rights that don't exist, without a care for their fellow citizens. People are self-destructive too. One terminally ill cancer patient wanted to sue because a hospital was requiring mask-wearing. The person was actually foregoing cancer treatment over this matter of supposed "deep principle."

When we patiently explained the law, and how the hospital is trying to protect its personnel and other patients, the response was, "LIBTARD!" Absolutely no regard for doctors and nurses who are putting their own lives on the line for others. (And who... wear masks to protect us.)

People should be worried about the deadly pandemic, and be trying to protect themselves and others. Rights come with responsibilities. You wear a seatbelt. Wear your mask.

And stop making up "constitutional" rights that don't exist just so you can get all self-righteous and endanger your fellow citizens while claiming to be a "freedom" lover. If you won't acknowledge science and protect others, you're not a "freedom" lover. You're just a selfish fool.

If you still don't believe us, then track down and call Rudy Giuliani. He's quite a lawyer.

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