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Can I take the person who committed a crime against me to court even if they’ve never been convicted of, or even charged with, any crime?

This is the issue currently before the Ohio Supreme Court in Buddenberg v. Weisdack, which Chandra Law managing partner Subodh Chandra is handling on behalf of crime-victim Rebecca Buddenberg. Chandra has persuasively argued that crime victims can sue their criminal perpetrators, even if their crime was not dealt with by the criminal-justice system, and is optimistic that his position will prevail. A contrary result would be untenable, according to Chandra, because many crimes are not prosecuted at all, and because prosecutions can take so long that crime victims would effectively be denied their rights under R.C. 2307.60. Crime victims’ advocacy organizations across Ohio—including many representing sexual-assault survivors—voiced their support for Ms. Buddenberg and Chandra’s positio

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