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We fight for constitutional rights in the areas of discrimination, retaliation, police brutality, police misconduct, excessive force, First Amendment retaliation, free-speech violations, false arrest, malicious prosecution, voting-rights, and much more.

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC, we live by the creed, "Your case is our cause.®" There are few causes more important than protecting the civil rights guaranteed to you by the United States and state constitutions, and federal and state law.

We are a boutique litigation firm located in Cleveland, Ohio, where we serve clients in federal and state courts throughout the country. Our total dedication to securing justice for our clients has led to our reputation as one of the most creative litigation firms in the country. When your rights are at stake, we will be ready to fight for you.

Handling a wide variety of civil rights & constitutional claims

Led by Subodh Chandra, a former law director for the city of Cleveland and outside litigator for the cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, our attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases from both the defense and plaintiffs' sides, giving you a crucial advantage. A small sampling of the civil-rights disputes that our law firm has handled includes the following:

  • With co-counsel, secured the largest settlement—$6,000,000—in Cleveland history in the Tamir Rice police-shooting case.
  • Multimillion-dollar trial victory in compensatory and punitive damages for plaintiff in high-profile employment-retaliation case against a municipality and its mayor, followed by seven-figure settlement.
  • Multiple settlements and jury verdicts in employment-discrimination, retaliation, and civil-rights cases.
  • Ruling for Youngstown mayor-client in federal district and appeals courts in First Amendment case brought by media organization.
  • Victory for Cleveland mayor in federal court in First Amendment case brought by media conglomerate.
  • With co-counsel, obtained federal-court judgment declaring unconstitutional an Ohio law permitting poll workers to discriminate against naturalized citizens.
  • With co-counsel, obtained orders in voting-rights case against Ohio Secretary of State minimizing prospect that voter-ID and provisional-ballot requirements would suppress the vote.

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If you think police, government workers, your employer, or anyone has violated your civil rights, call The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland at 216-578-1700 to schedule a consultation. We understand how serious a matter this is for you, and you will work directly with experienced litigators to help you pursue justice. (Please note that we do not handle cases arising from domestic-relations cases, and that judges have absolute immunity from lawsuits.)

Disclaimer: We do not handle cases arising from domestic-relations, child-custody, or child-support proceedings. Also, please note that judges and prosecutors have absolute immunity from civil liability for work performed in the scope of their duties. We thus rarely take cases involving suing judges and prosecutors.

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