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We have a simple 3-step process to see if we’re a good fit for your legal case. Our questions will take less than a minute to answer. If your inquiry is not about a new legal matter, then you may use our general contact form. If this is about a new legal matter, then we require the following information:

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Please let us know a little bit about yourself

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What are the names of all companies and individuals that you believe are wrongdoers, or are on the other side of the dispute?*

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Please check all practice area(s) that your case involves:

Bank Fraud

Business Litigation

Class Actions

Constitutional Law

Constructive Discharge

Crime Victims: Civil Action for Damages for Criminal Acts Under Ohio Revised Code § 2307.60

Defamation (Libel and Slander)

Discrimination Against Deaf People

Economic Espionage & Criminal Theft of Trade Secrets

Employment Discrimination

Employment Retaliation


False Claims Act (Qui Tams)

Family Medical Leave Act

First Amendment

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Government Ethics, Misconduct, Fraud, & Abuse


Healthcare Fraud

Hostile Work Environment

Internal Investigations

Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility

LGBT Rights

Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process, and False Arrest


Mortgage Fraud

Non-competition Agreements

Ohio Public Records Act, Open Meetings Act, FOIA, & Sunshine Laws

Police Misconduct & Brutality

Pregnancy Discrimination

Public Corruption

Public-Accommodations Discrimination

Race Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Revenge Porn

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Sex/gender Discrimination

Sexual Harassment

Tax Fraud

Taxpayer Lawsuits in Ohio

Title IX

Voting Rights

Wage-and-Hour (Fair Labor Standards Act)

Whistleblower Actions (False Claims Act)

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Termination


Step 2a

If you believe you are facing illegal discrimination or harassment, discrimination or harassment based on what prohibited category?



National origin

Disability (specify)

Gender/sex/sexual harassment


Sexual orientation or status


Ohio is an at-will employment state and does not prohibit mistreatment in the workplace. Unless the mistreatment is based on a protected status, or in retaliation for you having complained about certain specific types of illegal conduct, there is generally nothing that can be done about it.

Step 2b

If you believe you are facing illegal retaliation, for what legal retaliation activity do you believe you are facing retaliation? or have a whistleblower complaint

Step 2c

If you believe you are a whistleblower or potential whistleblower, what illegal conduct do you believe you could report, or have reported? When? By whom?

Please note that while we do not file for copyright, patents, or trademarks, we may be able to advise you about proper and fair use of intellectual property, as part of our media and entertainment-law practice.

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Last step! Please let us know if your case ALSO involves any of the following.

(1) Complaint against a judge or prosecutor for misconduct

(2) Proceedings before a domestic-relations court

(3) A child-custody or child-support enforcement matter

(4) Immigration matters

(5) Non-economic criminal investigation or charge

(6) Unlawful police stop or search of a car or home

(7) Personal injury other than wrongful death or catastrophic injury resulting from a car accident

(8) Wrongful denial of medical-insurance claims

(9) Landlord/tenant disputes

(10) Foreclosure, or probate/estate issues

(11) Union grievance

(12) Union-related retaliation

(13) Potentially suing any social-media company like Facebook or Twitter

My case doesn’t really match any of the above

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