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Constitutional law

Freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, from excessive force, from unreasonable searches and seizure, from government discrimination. Due process of law.

Public corruption

As the general public continues to lose trust in elected officials and government workers, any allegation of public corruption has the potential to ruin your reputation.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is still a serious problem in workplaces across the country. If you are a victim, it can be hard to come forward out of fears of retaliation. But the Chandra Law Firm LLC will have your back in your fight for justice.

Hostile work environment

Most people who call us to complain about being treated badly at work describe their workplace as a "hostile work environment." Perhaps because they've heard that term bandied about. But the truth is, that term has a very, narrow legal meaning.

Wrongful termination

Most people who've been fired feel wronged. But that doesn't mean they've been wrongfully terminated in the eyes of law, which can be harsh, and carves out only a few narrow areas where employees can fight back. Here's how we find cases worth fighting

Title IX

Title IX is a federal civil-rights law that forbids sex discrimination in federally funded education programs. It applies to most public and private schools from kindergarten through college.

Wrongful death

The Chandra Law Firm LLC has been entrusted with the solemn responsibility of representing grieving families who have lost loved ones. And we've obtained results.

Making the right choice in legal representation can make the difference in whether you achieve a result that protects your legal rights and best interests.

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