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Wrongful death

The Chandra Law Firm LLC has been entrusted with the solemn responsibility of representing grieving families who have lost loved ones. And we've obtained results.

Economic espionage & criminal theft of trade secrets

Since 1996, it has been a federal crime to misappropriate a company's trade secrets with the knowledge or intent that the theft will benefit a foreign power.

Hostile work environment

Most people who call us to complain about being treated badly at work describe their workplace as a "hostile work environment." Perhaps because they've heard that term bandied about. But the truth is, that term has a very, narrow legal meaning.

Voting rights

Chandra Law lawyers have been fighting for over a decade to protect Ohioans' voting rights against an onslaught of schemes by government officials to suppress the vote.

LGBT rights

For years, LGBT people had no legal protection from discrimination in employment, housing, education, and other aspects of American life. Things are starting to change, although they have not changed enough. We stand ready in the fight.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is still a serious problem in workplaces across the country. If you are a victim, it can be hard to come forward out of fears of retaliation. But the Chandra Law Firm LLC will have your back in your fight for justice.

Whistleblower actions (False Claims Act)

But the False Claims Act is tricky, and there are many pitfalls for the unwary. Experience in these cases makes a big difference.

Making the right choice in legal representation can make the difference in whether you achieve a result that protects your legal rights and best interests.

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