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The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 imposes massive penalties

It has also been a crime to misappropriate a trade secret related to a product that is produced for or placed in interstate (including international) commerce, with the knowledge or intent that the theft will injure the trade secret's owner.

The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 is a complex set of federal statutes. They can be used to protect companies' trade secrets, but—as news reports have shown—the statutes can also be used to go after innocent, well-intended conduct.

Persons convicted of violating the Economic Espionage Act can face significant terms of imprisonment and fines, civil forfeiture of property, as well as job loss.

Experience with economic-espionage and criminal trade-secret cases

In large-firm private practice before serving as a federal prosecutor, The Chandra Law Firm LLC's founding and managing partner, Subodh Chandra was involved in one of the first cases nationally involving the Economic Espionage Act as part of legal team that represented a Fortune 500 manufacturer. That company had experienced economic espionage involving an employee who was allegedly working with business interests in Taiwan.

in 2017, Chandra also persuaded the FBI not to pursue a federal economic espionage case against a Korean national suspected of leaving a major industrial manufacturer with trade secrets.

Chandra is familiar with the U.S. Department of Justice's approaches to economic espionage and criminal trade-secret cases—and how to defend such cases, or pursue a corporate victim's interests in such cases.

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