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Seeking Justice For Victims Of Race Discrimination

Sadly, far too many workers are still the victims of discrimination because of their race. While the law is on your side, proving that racism is the driving cause behind your suffering at work is a complex task requiring skilled representation.

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland, our attorneys fight race discrimination and harassment on behalf of workers throughout Ohio and the nation in state and federal courts. We pride ourselves on providing creative, dynamic representation that helps our clients get positive results in the most challenging of cases.

We know how to recognize discrimination

While most workplaces effectively police the use of overtly offensive, racist language, that does not mean race discrimination does not exist. Our lawyers are skilled at uncovering when you are being treated unfairly by your employer because of your race. This type of behavior can include the following actions:

  • Being denied a promotion that employees with the same or worse qualifications received
  • Receiving less pay than equally- or less-qualified employees
  • Being given extra work for reporting discrimination
  • Losing your job for reporting discrimination

Many times, employers will attempt to justify their actions by calling into question a victim's performance or financial pressures facing the business. We know how to poke holes in these arguments, and we can also effectively engage the media when it will be beneficial to your case and your pursuit of the compensation you deserve. This can include lost wages, emotional damages, and punitive damages.

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