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Huron doubles, triples, and then quadruples down on unconstitutional charge against activist Stacy Hinners

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mayor Hartung and Chief Lippert defiantly tried to justify to the media their abuses of power. Then, one of the officers Hartung ordered to unlawfully arrest Hinners added a charge of "resisting arrest."

Huron, OH – Showing no sense of shame or decency, Huron officials first doubled down, and then tripled and quadrupled down on their unconstitutional prosecution of Stacy Hinners, the local activist and mom who exposed illegal conduct by city officials.

First, Mayor Brad Hartung sought to justfy to the Sandusky Register his abuse of power.

Then, Huron Police Chief Bob Lippert claimed to Cleveland's Fox 8 news that his officers acted properly, effectively disqualifying himself from any potential misconduct investigation.

And then, Officer John W. Orzech, one of the officers who Hartung and Lippert caused to seize and detain Ms. Hinners, added a charge of "resisting arrest," even though the arrest was unlawful to begin with. (For a charge of resisting arrest to be proper, the arrest must be lawful and not the abuse of power captured on video here.)

Subodh Chandra, Ms. Hinners's lead counsel, said, "Rarely do we see public officials so undeterred in their zeal to violate the Constitution. They will be held accountable. Members of the public should make their voices heard."

For more information on this case, including links to videos, click here.

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