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Commentator and comedian Obeidallah wins $4.1 million+ judgment against white-supremacist Anglin

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Anglin and his Daily Stormer website defamed Obeidallah via fabricated tweets and articles falsely claiming Obeidallah had masterminded the Manchester terrorist bombings

Columbus, OH – Today, commentator and comedian Dean Obeidallah won a $4.1 million judgment (plus attorneys' fees and costs to be calculated) against white-supremacist Andrew Anglin and Anglin's Daily Stormer website, in Obeidallah's defamation lawsuit over fabricated tweets and articles claiming Mr. Obeidallah had masterminded the Manchester terrorist bombings.

The court also entered an injunction ordering Anglin and the website to remove the defamatory content—and not republish them again in social media or otherwise.

The judgment was entered by U.S. District Judge Edmund A. Sargus, Jr. of the Southern District of Ohio, following a damages hearing in Columbus. The court had previously found Anglin and the Daily Stormer liable for defamation. Today's hearing was to determine just how liable.

Here is a tweet-thread by Subodh Chandra about Mr. Obeidallah's testimony in court today about the impact on his life of Anglin's lies and inducement of death threats.

Subodh Chandra and Donald Screen of Chandra Law have been proud to work with distinguished co-counsel from Latham & Watkins and Muslim Advocates to help Mr. Obeidallah seek justice.

Subodh Chandra said, "White-supremacist Anglin is probably not used to being held accountable to the rule of law by real Americans who hold real-American values of equality and justice. He'd better get used to it. And if he violates the court's order, we expect that the court will hold him accountable to the rule of law again."

More information about the case can be found here. The fabricated tweets can be found in the federal complaint.

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