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Preventing sex and gender discrimination in education, including sexual assaults and rapes

Title IX is generally associated with women’s athletics. And Title IX has dramatically increased women’s and girls’ participation in sports since it was passed in 1972.

But Title IX also applies to all other aspects of the educational experience, including when students are singled out for gender-based violence including sexual violence such as rape or intimate-partner violence.

Representing sexual-assault survivors in institutional and court proceedings

At the Chandra Law Firm LLC, we represent sexual-assault survivors at all stages of institutional and court proceedings regarding a school’s response to sexual-misconduct reports. The effects of sexual misconduct—even if it occurs off campus—can significantly impact a student’s educational environment including student employment and athletic or extracurricular participation. This is particularly true when survivors who report misconduct face retaliation.

If institutions fail to take swiftly and properly respond to a report of gender-based violence, the Chandra Law Firm LLC can step in to advocate for timely and appropriate corrective action so that survivors can continue their education with as little disruption as possible.

In recent years, students accused of sexual assault have been fighting hard to avoid the consequences of abusive behavior. The attorneys at the Chandra Law Firm LLC help level the playing field so survivors have access to the same vigorous advocacy enjoyed by the accused.

We at the Chandra Law Firm LLC can help survivors navigate through the administrative conduct proceedings at the institutional level. We can also work to enforce survivors’ rights in federal court to seek damages for the harm caused by gender-motivated violence and abuse when institutional efforts are insufficient.

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(Note for parents: students >18 are adults in the law’s eyes. Please have your child reach out to us directly to preserve the attorney-client privilege. For students <18, we must communicate with the custodial parent or legal guardian.)

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