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Religious discrimination occurs far too often, but the law often protects it

State and federal discrimination laws protect the rights of workers to practice whatever religion they choose without fear of retaliation.

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland, we take your religious freedom seriously. A boutique litigation firm, our employment-litigation attorneys are driven to help you get the justice you deserve when your employer discriminates or negligently allows discrimination to occur. We can represent you in state and federal courts throughout Ohio or across the nation.

Protecting your ability to practice the religion of your choice

According to state and federal laws, your employer must make reasonable accommodations to allow you to practice your religion. In addition, your employer cannot take negative action against you, such as wrongful termination, because of your religion. Some common grounds for religious-discrimination litigation often include

  • Not allowing flexible scheduling for religious observance
  • Not allowing flexibility in the workplace's dress code to allow for garments or hairstyles, such as a headscarf or untrimmed beard, that are mandated by certain faiths
  • Forcing employees to participate in any religious activities

These cases often hinge on whether your employer made "reasonable" accommodations for you and your religious practices. As successful trial lawyers, we know how to craft the case strategies necessary to best position you for a positive outcome. It is why we have built a track record of securing six-figure and multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients in cases that many other law firms regarded as long shots.

We are experienced in fighting for freedom of religion:

  • We obtained a sizable settlement for a Muslim woman who faced discrimination in a hospital for wearing Muslim headdress.
  • We represented Muslim association that was facing discrimination while trying to establish a cemetery.
  • We helped obtain dismissal of charges against a Hindu Bhutanese refugee who was wrongly suspected of terrorism.

Speak with our attorneys about your case

The ability to practice the faith of our choosing is one of our most important freedoms in the United States. If you feel your employer is treating you differently, punishing you, or refusing to let you observe the tenets of your religion, we want to hear from you. Call us at 216-578-1700 or filli out our online contact learn how we may be able to help.

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