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Our federal and state constitutions protect us from tyranny.

Chandra Law Firm LLC lawyers have fought effectively for their clients' constitutional rights:

  • Securing (with co-counsel) a record settlement of $6,000,000 for the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot by Cleveland police officers.
  • Securing a jury verdict of over $2,000,000 against the Village of Woodmere, Ohio and its then-Mayor, Yolanda Broadie, for First Amendment retaliation against former police chief LaMont Lockhart.
  • Obtaining a federal appeals court ruling that declared unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds a campaign-finance statute that restricted the right of physicians to contribute to candidates for Ohio attorney general or county prosecutor.
  • Securing six- and five-figure settlements for employees who faced government employment discrimination and retaliation.
  • Obtaining (with co-counsel) a federal-court judgment that declared unconstitutional an Ohio law that would permit poll workers to discriminate against naturalized U.S. citizens by demanding their certificates of naturalization.
  • Obtaining (with co-counsel) multiple orders against Ohio's Secretary of State that minimized the chances that Ohio's voter-ID and provisional-ballot requirements would suppress the vote.
  • Stopping a scheme by the Hamilton County Board of Elections to not count provisional ballots that determined the election outcome for the first African-American woman to serve as a county judge.
  • Obtaining federal-court rulings that stopped schemes by state legislators and the Secretary of State to avoid counting legitimate provisional ballots.
  • Obtaining settlements for clients who were subjected to excessive force.

Lawyers experienced in constitutional litigation from both a government and private-sector perspective

Founding and managing partner Subodh Chandra's constitutional-litigation experience arises from his experience as a federal prosecutor, where he endeavored to protect the constitutional rights even of those he was prosecuting. Chandra also served as Director of Law for the City of Cleveland, Ohio, a $1 billion corporation. There, he explored numerous constitutional issues and successfully defended the mayor against First Amendment-retaliation allegations by media. Chandra also worked in Los Angeles as outside counsel to the cities of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, defending high-profile allegations of police misconduct and excessive force.

Other lawyers in the firm bring together significant constitutional law experience. Donald Screen, for example, is a former federal law clerks who assisted a federal judge in deciding important constitutional questions.

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(We do not handle cases arising from domestic-relations, child-custody, or child-support proceedings. Also, please note that judges and prosecutors have absolute immunity from civil liability for work performed in the scope of their legal duties. Thus, we rarely file civil lawsuits against judges and prosecutors over such matters.)

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