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City Club of Cleveland invites Corey Lewandowski to speak

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The prestigious speaking forum the City Club of Cleveland has invited Corey Lewandowski to speak on August 3. While I believe that this invitation was unwise of the City Club because Lewandowski is a third-rate, racist, misogynist, characterless, unaccomplished, b-list provocateur unworthy of the City Club's podium, now that the decision is made, I would urge people to attend the forum to challenge Lewandowski with focused, pointed questions about his extremist, hate-mongering views.

Here is a partial compilation of examples of Lewandowski's misbehavior.

You can sign up for the event at or by calling (216) 621-0082.

City Club of Cleveland invites Corey Lewandowski to speak

I will be on WCPN's the Sound of Ideas this morning to discuss the controversy with the CEO of the City Club, Dan Moulthrop and others.

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