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AUDIO: Additional whistleblower complaint to the FAA and OSHA reports Cleveland Hopkins International Airport airfield-maintenance manager's recorded threats of further retaliation, "climate of fear"

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cleveland, OH - Secretly recorded audio reveals Cleveland Hopkins International Airport airfield-maintenance manager Robert Henderson on January 19, 2017 excoriating his employees and threatening them with retaliation for whistleblowing safety violations.

Henderson made the threats one day after Chandra Law sent to the FAA and OSHA on behalf of former airfield-maintenance manager Abdul-Malik Ali a complaint regarding additional safety violations. Chandra Law on January 24, 2017 sent an additional complaint and the audio recording to the FAA and OSHA describing the resulting "climate of fear."

The recording captures Henderson saying the following:

If anybody is caught associating with anything like that, the penalties will be great. So I'm calling y'all together now. Let's go ahead and put it out there; let's talk about it right now. So we can get it out of the way. Because if anyone is caught sitting there having a sideline conversations about this, or with [unintelligible] did to somebody else, or let me send it to this friend or let me me do that, that could connect you with something that's, that's frowned upon in the organization-to take internal stuff and leak it out to the media. So please don't engage in, in all that. I'm putting it out right here, right now. It ain't nothing to whisper about. Ain't nothing [unintelligible]. Nothin' going to happen.

The audio recording, Subodh Chandra's most recent letter to the FAA and OSHA, and a transcript of the recording are linked below. The threats begin about six minutes into the recording.

Audio Recording

Subodh Chandra's Letter to FAA and OSHA

Audio Transcript

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