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January 2016 Archives

Statement regarding Scene report on Prosecutor McGinty's failure to have the grand-jury vote on charges

"That the prosecutor saw to it that the grand jury never took an up-or-down vote on particular potential criminal charges is the ultimate insult to the bereaved Rice family and only underscores the family's concerns that the prosecutor rigged the process to ensure no accountability for the officers. This is one of many reasons that a Department of Justice investigation is warranted.Combine this with McGinty's (1) failure to cross-examine the officers after they took the oath and gave self-serving testimony-a special gift no other investigative target would ever receive; (2) public release of biased and fatally flawed expert reports that made up testimony, ignored evidence, and ignored the proper legal standard; and (3) unprofessional abuse of the Rice family's experts, not even letting them present their findings in a coherent fashion and denying their expert reports to the grand jury before the experts testified-and the picture of the prosecutor's agenda is crystal clear.In Tim McGinty's world, one set of rules applies to ordinary citizens; other rules apply if you are a Cleveland police officer."

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