State And Federal Mortgage-Fraud Charges

In the wake of the financial-market and housing-market crash, federal and state governments aggressively stepped up their prosecution of mortgage-fraud charges. These investigations have ensnared lenders, brokers, sellers, buyers, contractors, and other professionals across the real-estate field.

Our white-collar criminal-defense lawyers of The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland have successfully defended clients throughout Ohio facing serious state and federal mortgage-fraud charges. We can provide diligent, steadfast representation to defend you against these complex charges.

There Is No Substitute For Experience

As the former law director for the city of Cleveland, founding and managing partner Subodh Chandra has extensive experience investigating and seeking to address the predatory-lending phenomenon that ruined low-income homebuyers. In many other cases, however, innocent people were swept up in mortgage-fraud schemes by unscrupulous lenders.

Chandra and the firm's lawyers have successfully defended clients in a massive criminal mortgage-fraud case, earning the prosecutors' dismissal of charges when the other defendants in the case were convicted. Our firm has also earned a complete verdict for the defense in a civil mortgage-fraud case, following a jury trial.

Our boutique law firm's advantage lies in our creativity and willingness to explore every possible avenue available to protect our clients' freedoms and reputations. In these cases often involving tens of thousands of pages of complex financial documents, we are able to provide exhaustive analysis that illuminates the best course of action.

Call Attorneys Who Can Level the Playing Field

The Chandra Law Firm LLC can provide you with the representation you need when facing off against state and federal prosecutors in cases that can send you to prison and bankrupt you. If you learn you are under investigation, schedule a consultation with our lawyers as soon as possible by calling 216-578-1700.