White-Collar Criminal-Defense Attorneys In Ohio

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC, our lawyers put years of prosecution, investigation, and defense experience to work to help clients fight serious state and federal white-collar crime charges. Located in Cleveland, we defend clients in every federal and state courthouse throughout Ohio. We also defend clients against federal criminal charges in federal courts across the country.

Our boutique litigation firm is known for dynamic thinking that has helped clients facing years in prison avoid indictment, receive dismissal of charges, and protect against onerous sentences. We love trying cases to juries.

Providing Early Intervention to Protect Your Rights, Interests, and Reputation

In addition to a possible decades-long prison sentence, a conviction for any white-collar criminal charge could mean the loss of your professional license and financially ruinous fines and asset-forfeiture penalties. Contact us if you are under investigation for, among other potential economic crimes:

Our law firm, led by former Assistant U.S. Attorney Subodh Chandra, will work aggressively to uncover the facts of your case and work with outside experts to weaken the prosecution. Taking decisive action as soon as you learn you are under investigation could help prevent charges from ever being filed.

Our attorneys also have experience conducting internal investigations for large corporations throughout Ohio when criminal conduct is suspected.

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In cases such as these where everything is on the line, you need relentless, aggressive representation that will fight to protect your freedom. To talk to our lawyers about your case, please call us at 216-578-1700 or send us an email.