A Summary Of Our Practice Areas

At The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland, there is no legal dispute that is too complex for our attorneys to handle. In state and federal courts throughout Ohio and across the country, we represent clients facing a wide range of matters. You can count on our attorneys for high-quality, personal representation in litigation matters that include the following:

  • White-collar criminal defense: We have successfully defended the freedom and futures of people facing serious state and federal prosecutions for financial crimes such as healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, and public corruption.
  • Civil rights and constitutional litigation: We place a premium on defending the constitutional rights of people who are victims of police brutality, having their voting rights trampled, and having their free-speech rights curtailed.
  • Employment litigation: We defend the rights of employees who are the victims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination, and litigate employment contracts, including non-compete clauses.
  • Whistleblower claims: Our lawyers value the work of whistleblowers and defend their rights to seek compensation for their work.
  • Business and civil litigation: Our experienced civil litigators pursue justice for families left reeling from a wrongful death, protect the interests of businesses in high-stakes litigation, and find creative solutions to all types of complex disputes.
  • Insurance-coverage disputes: When insurance companies unfairly deny claims, we fight for policyholders to receive the coverage for which they paid.
  • Mediation: Successful litigators, our attorneys also know when taking a case to trial may not be in your best interest. We use mediation to settle disputes while still protecting our clients' interests and rights. We also serve as Mediators.

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