Mediation is a confidential process by which many serious disputes get resolved. In a mediation, a neutral third party—usually an experienced litigator, a former judge, or an active magistrate judge—hears from both sides of a dispute all of the facts and applicable law. The mediator then conducts diplomacy between the two sides, working toward a settlement. Sometimes a mediation takes place before litigation is filed; sometimes it is after litigation has been filed or even on the eve of trial.

At Chandra Law, we have participated in hundreds of mediations, successfully resolving cases that few thought could be resolved short of trial. Often, we are engaged by individuals who have filed an employment discrimination or retaliation complaint with the EEOC or Ohio Civil Rights Commission and have been afforded the opportunity to participate in the mediation or "conciliation" process. It is always best to go to such proceedings with experienced counsel, to maximize potential results.

Firm founding and managing partner Subodh Chandra has not only advocated for clients in mediation, he has served as a mediator for complex disputes. As a former large-firm civil-litigation defense attorney, federal prosecutor, law director for the City of Cleveland, law professor, and plaintiff's attorney, Chandra has had experiences in combination that few attorneys can match. As a result, he is able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in a case and spot issues that few others might recognize. Chandra has been enlisted by a trial court to serve as the mediator of emotionally charged, high-stakes litigation.

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