Pregnancy Discrimination

Most pregnant women continue to work through their pregnancies. Sadly, some employers are convinced that treating pregnant employees fairly and equally hurts the bottom line. This pervasive misconception often results in workplace discrimination against Ohio's expectant workers. Both state and federal law prohibit discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions (such as complications requiring bed rest, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, recovering from a C-section, and lactation).

Pregnancy discrimination can happen in a number of ways. Examples of pregnancy discrimination include all of the following actions taken against a worker because the employee knows she is-or believes she will become-pregnant: refusal to hire, failure to promote, involuntary transfer, termination, and harassment. Pregnancy discrimination can also occur when an employer places new or different requirements on an expectant mother or fails to extend to pregnant employees benefits or accommodations that are available to all employees (like "light duty" assignments to accommodate pregnancy-related physical limitations).

Our attorneys want to-and know how to-fight for pregnant workers

At the Chandra Law Firm LLC, our attorneys know that laws prohibiting pregnancy discrimination do not always deter employers from treating pregnant employees and job candidates different from their non-pregnant counterparts. We have experience fighting for the civil rights of working mothers, and we are motivated to hold accountable those employers who fail to honor their legal obligations. We have secured large settlements for our clients from prominent Ohio employers that failed to treat pregnant employees equally.

Recently, for example, we obtained both job reinstatement and a cash settlement for an employee who was fired after she told her employer she was pregnant. The employer knew we were determined to face it down in trial and expose to the world the shame of what it had done.

As the victim of pregnancy discrimination, you will have a strong ally in our lawyers at The Chandra Law Firm LLC in Cleveland. A boutique litigation firm, our lawyers stand up for workers in state and federal courts throughout Ohio, holding employers accountable for discrimination and retaliation against pregnant workers.

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