Trade-Secret Litigation

The Chandra Law Firm LLC represents both plaintiffs and defendants in trade-secret cases.

Trade secrets are confidential business information that derives independent economic value from not being generally known to or readily ascertainable. Trade secrets must be the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain their secrecy.

Some examples of information that may be entitled to trade-secret protection include scientific or technical information, designs, procedures, formulae, methods, techniques, business information, customer lists, or financial information.

Courts consider a variety of factors in deciding whether information is a trade secret including

  • the extent to which it is known both inside and outside the business
  • any precautions taken to guard its secrecy
  • investment in developing the information
  • how difficult and expensive it would be to acquire or duplicate the information

The Chandra Law Firm LLC's Attorneys Can Help You Protect Your Company's Trade Secrets Or Defend You If You Are Accused Of Misappropriating Trade Secrets

Trade-secret litigation can be extremely time sensitive and often involves demands for injunctive relief (where one side asks the court to order an alleged violation to stop immediately). Recoverable damages for trade-secret misappropriation include not only the actual loss suffered but potentially treble damages (triple the actual damages) for willful violations.

If you are accused of misappropriating trade secrets, or you feel your trade secrets may be or have been misappropriated, you should act swiftly and engage experienced counsel. Chandra Law Firm LLC lawyers have the experience and expertise to take quick action on your behalf. We have successfully defended and prosecuted trade secrets cases. In one recent example, we obtained an outright dismissal of trade-secret misappropriate litigation filed against our client.

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