The Chandra Law Firm LLC is a boutique civil and criminal litigation firm with highly credentialed attorneys who provide passionate, creative, and relentless advocacy for their clients in Ohio and across America.

We have achieved tremendous results when everything—liberty, property, or reputation—was on the line.

As a former federal prosecutor, law director for a major American city, and large-firm litigator in both Los Angeles and Cleveland, founding and managing partner Subodh Chandra draws on experiences that few lawyers have had in combination. And Chandra's colleagues—who include veterans of large-firm practice and former federal law clerks—drive the firm's dynamic strategies to get results.

Practice areas include civil-rights (e.g., employment discrimination and retaliation; First Amendment, voting rights, and police and other governmental misconduct), whistleblower actions including the federal False Claims Act, white-collar criminal defense (such as healthcare fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud, telecommunications fraud, and public corruption), and business disputes including contract claims and insurance-coverage matters, in both federal and state courts. The firm also performs internal investigations (including for Fortune 200 companies).

Often, the dilemmas confronting Chandra Law's clients are high profile and have a crisis-communications and public-policy dimension that requires attorneys who understand how to navigate a challenging media environment, protect reputations under public scrutiny, and challenge reputations that richly deserve to be challenged.

Our cases are not just cases to us. They are causes.

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